Investing Redefined at Dantin FinancialInvesting Redefined at Dantin Financial


Modern Portfolio Theory

In 1956, Harry Markowitz theorized that high-yields could be achieved with low-risk in a portfolio of various non-correlated investments. In 1990, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his Modern Portfolio Theory.

DF diversification


Many investors look to traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds to help achieve their financial 
goals but have been challenged with increased volatility. True diversification includes asset classes that are not affected by the ups and downs of the stock market.

Unlock your 401k

Unlock Your 401k

Our attorneys have found an IRS provision that is in accordance with the ERISA guidelines. It allows you to move your 401k funds without paying taxes or the 10 percent early withdrawal penalty and still receive your employer match!


Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA allows you to choose where to grow your IRA funds among the myriad of opportunities outside of the stock market.

At Dantin Financial, our mission is to educate our clients in all aspects of their financial lives.

We commit our time and energy to become the Educator to each of our clients while developing a long term relationship that improves not only their financial picture, but more importantly, their quality of life. Through this unique process, we educate our clients on opportunities and they make their OWN informed decisions. Instead of us making decisions, we educate you and YOU self-direct your IRA funds.

Find out if your present 401k qualifies for unlocking

Our attorneys have found an IRS provision that is in accordance with the ERISA guidelines and allows you to move your present 401k funds at anytime without taxes or the 10 percent penalty, without losing your employer match!


TIME Promotes “Retire The 401K?”

According to Time Magazine, it’s painfully obvious that the 401k, and the 403b are the wrong way to save.


60 MINUTES 401k Fallout

True diversification includes asset classes that are not affected by the ups and downs of the stock market as 2009 reminded us.


FOX NEWS 401k Government Lockup?

Is our government looking at targeting 401ks because there is close to 16 trillion dollars to access? 

  • Chris has been my financial consultant for many years now. He has always taken the time to thoroughly explain not only WHAT he invests in, but WHY! I have also had the occassion to know that he is a man of integrity. He puts his money where his mouth is! I recommend Chris, with NO reservations.      
    Karen P. Johnson, CPA, MBA
  • My husband was referred to Chris by a friend.  We went in to sit with Chris. He is humble, never seems to get annoyed at my trivial questions, and continues to educate me; I trust him.  
    Tanya Parrish
  • I work with Chris because of his heart and integrity.  Truly one of my favorite people in the world!
    John Haynes
  • Integrity, integrity! Gracious, highly intelligent, but can speak on my level.
    Joanna Haynes
  • I love his personality and energy, his time and availability to contact you at any time, his commitment to God and integrity; Chris makes me laugh.
    Bridgit Schexnayder
  • New and fresh ideas, trustworthy and productive.
    Mark Schexnayder
  • The relationship with Chris has been much greater than just managing a couple of financial accounts. Chris has been openly himself and a person of great values, working with us not only on investments, but helping evaluate our entire personal position. He was referred by a couple of friends not because he could manage my money, but for the personal relationship, and everything you get above and beyond.  In the last 8-10 years, Chris has been nothing shy of exceptional. 
    Paul Berniard