Chris Dantin

Chris Dantin

Chris Dantin, RFC

I am a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Following in my father’s footsteps, I chose to pursue a career in financial services. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in Finance from Louisiana State University. I have served 17 years in the financial services industry. I am a Registered Financial Consultant and have received recognition as a top producer in the Million Dollar Round Table and Leaders Club.

I believe that in order for me to educate others, that I too must be educated. I not only take necessary classes to maintain my licenses, but also attend annual conferences and seminars to ensure that I am always informed in the ever-evolving financial needs of pre-retirees and those living in their retirement years. I know the value of family is immeasurable and my desire is to help families secure their financial future.

I have been married to Christy Gordon Dantin for the past 16 years and we have two beautiful boys – Duke, age 14, and Andrew, age 11. Duke was diagnosed with autism at 2½, and our journey since that day has been one of hard work, faith, and hope. He has made miraculous strides! His brother Andrew has been such a gift to us also. He is Duke’s best friend, his protector and his translator. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children!

We moved to St. Francisville 8 years ago so that Duke could be mainstreamed and receive the services he would need in the parish’s outstanding school system. Country living has been wonderful, yet we have had to adjust to the changes that come along with it. I pride myself in knowing that I can roll with the punches and make adjustments accordingly. This sense I carry with me into my business.

I would be honored to be your advocate, your consultant, your resource, your friend.