Investment Alternatives


Alternative Assets Can Offer Principal Protection Through Secured Collateral.



Tired of Risking Money in your Retirement Accounts?

It’s time to stop fretting the latest Wall Street news on CNN. Tired of volatility in your retirement account? Announcing Retirement Accounts with options you never knew existed!

Since 1974, Congress has allowed retirement money to own almost every kind of asset, the only exceptions are life insurance and “collectibles.” The big brokerage houses don’t want you to know about the option to move our money away from their ongoing fees.

Own assets that can not be held in traditional IRA’s.

These retirement accounts allow you to own real estate, gold and silver, a business, a franchise, a loan secured by real estate, or a stream of payments from a big company like Prudential or the California Lottery.

“I had completely given up on my IRA\401k, but then I heard about Self-Directed options for investing…”

This is a common testimonial from our clients. Some are accustomed to double digit returns because they haven’t gotten anything less. Click the tabs at the top to learn more about your alternatives. Place your retirement in many different baskets.

Recent Study Showed 77% of Americans wanted Alternative Assets

You aren’t alone! 1000 Americans were surveyed in February of 2012, said they were at least somewhat interested in investing in alternative assets. Sadly, only few of the financial professionals surveyed can offer alternatives. Spend what time you need on our site to learn how diversifying into alternative assets can get you back on track for your retirement goals.