Unlock Your 401k

If you follow the financial news as we do, you will notice some alarming discussions reported over the last few years that has gone from rumors to Federal policy . Under this “new” program patriotically named “Retirement USA”, the government could then demand that part of your retirement contributions go into a government-created annuity funded by purchasing Treasury debt. Sixty to seventy percent of Americans have a 401k. The government is looking at targeting 401ks because there is close to 16 trillion dollars invested and they fall under ERISA guidelines which handcuff the employee. The employee can’t move their money out unless they retire, change jobs, divorce or becomes totally disabled. Therefore those with a 401k are stuck and the government knows this.

Let Dantin Financial teach you how to Unlock your 401k

Our attorneys have found an IRS provision within the ERISA guidelines that allows people to move their present 401k funds without taxes or the 10 percent penalty and still receive their employer match.

Do you really want to bet your retirement fund on the hope that something like this can’t happen in America? Read the following pages for compelling arguments on why you should diversify.

Our firm offers modern options that give YOU total control of your investments. One of these options is a Self-Directed IRA. The term “self-directed” simply means that YOU, as the individual account owner, have complete control over selecting and directing your OWN individual retirement investments. A Self-Directed IRA allows you to expand your investment options beyond mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, providing a better opportunity to diversify your retirement portfolio. We are only here to show you options; you make the decisions. You ask questions, we educate you on how products work.