Chris D. Dantin, SDIP, RFC

Following in my father’s footsteps, I chose to pursue a career in financial services after graduating from Louisiana State University. I have 20 years in the financial services industry, practicing as a Registered Financial Consultant, RFC and a Self-Directed IRA Professional, SDIP. Our firm’s primary focus is geared to assist retirees and those closely approaching retirement years in their efforts for Income Planning, Long Term Care Concerns, Estate Planning and Additional Opportunities found Outside of the Traditional Stock and Bond Markets.

I have chosen not to act as a Financial Advisor, but a Registered Financial Consultant; my primary responsibly is to find out what is keeping you up at night financially and provide solutions for you. I will not be advising you on what you should or should not do, but will educate you on the services and products I provide so YOU can make the most informed financial decision. I believe that trust in me is very important but trust is not the primary reason you should do business with me. Your choice to work with me MUST be in your complete understanding of the products and services provided, because your understanding, not just trust in me, is what helps you sleep soundly. Understanding is the cake and trust is the cherry on top.

I have been married to Christy Dantin for 20 years and she has been with me from the start of my career in this business; I am so thankful for her love and support. We have two amazing sons- Duke (17) and Andrew (15). Duke was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and our journey since that day as been one of hard work, faith, and hope. He has made tremendous strides! His brother Andrew has been such a gift to us also. He is Dukes best friend, his protector, his translator. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children. Our family lives in St. Francisville and my office is located in Baton Rouge.

I pride myself in knowing that I can roll with the punches and make adjustments accordingly. I carry this with me into my business.

I would be honored to be your advocate, your consultant, your resource, your friend.